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Too Many Words

My wife, Gaynor and I have been blessed with two children — our daughter, Brodie and our son, Henry. Since becoming teenagers, we’ve sometimes questioned that “blessing” but none the less, one of their wonderful teenage phrases that stuck in my mind was: “Too many words” which they’d often say to Gaynor and I when we were trying to explain something to them, usually something they didn’t like or want to hear. Continue reading

“There is an “I” in team”

I am sure we’ve all heard the phrase, “There’s no “I” in team”. I agree with the sentiment of that. I agree that a team cannot achieve excellence with ego. I agree a team working together can achieve much more than the work of a lone genius over the long haul. I get all that as I am sure you do. I guess I just want to bring this “team” thing back into balance a little and emphasize the importance a leader (the “I”) can have on a team. Continue reading